“If you believe you have a Spirit, you are already Spiritual”

- YogiGuru Saugaato

When a Soul is destined to follow the path of Karmic Healing, Wisdom, Kriya Yoga, and Adwait (Sanskrit word of Oneness), one is already blessed by birth in the soul level with psychic abilities. The psychic prowess of a Yogi following the path of Adwait differs significantly from the skills showcased by a mentalist, mind reader, or magician. While the latter rely on developed traits and specific techniques to demonstrate their abilities, the Yogi's psychic capabilities are rooted in a spiritual journey aligned with the principles of Adwait.

YogiGuruSaugaato’s psychic abilities, if so may be called, comes as a blessing from MahaAvatar Babaji. YogiGuruSaugaato possesses the ability to aid individuals and souls, whether in physical or ghostly form, who seek assistance from him. These seekers approach him with various needs and concerns.

“Psychic abilities of a Yogi come as a blessing from the Guruas one is gritty to the Yogic scientific path.”
“Psychic abilities are non-important abilities towards Oneness though it may be mesmerizing and attractive ability for a commoner.”