“If you believe you have a Spirit, you are already Spiritual”

- YogiGuru Saugaato

MahaAvatar Babaji, translated as "revered father," embodies a profound spiritual influence globally, despite the mystery surrounding his birth name and date. He is credited with the revival of the ancient practice of Kriya Yoga - Union of Body, Mind & Soul, which had been obscured during the dark ages due to what Paramhansa Yogananda described as "priestly secrecy and human indifference."
Paramhansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi served as the initial revelation of the enigmatic master to the world. Existing for centuries, or possibly millennia, in the Himalayas, MahaAvatar Babaji has dedicated himself to aiding eminent spiritual teachers in fulfilling their unique missions in India - To guide prophets and share ancient wisdom.

Legends spoke of his connection with spiritual luminaries like Shankara and Kabir. Lahiri Mahasaya, a devoted disciple, became the torchbearer of the resurrected Kriya Art under MahaAvatar Babaji's guidance. MahaAvatar Babaji's journey extended beyond earthly realms; he shared an eternal communion with Christ. Together, their vibrations resonated for redemption. In their celestial collaboration, they envisioned a world free from wars, hatred, and materialistic shackles.
Amidst the complexities of modern times, MahaAvatar Babaji recognized the need to bridge East and West with the liberating essence of Yoga - Union of Body, Mind & Soul.

His story unfolds as a timeless narrative, where an enlightened sage and the spirit of Christ work hand in hand to inspire humanity towards peace, unity, and spiritual awakening.

YogiGuru's Profound Connection with MahaAvatar Babaji.

I've taken MahaAvatar Babaji as my Guru,
YogiGuru, formerly known as Saugaato Ray, uncovered an ancient prophecy penned by Muni Agastya in 3500 BC, guiding him to his destined soulmate, Dr. Deepti, and a shared journey into psychological and spiritual sciences. With MahaAvatar Babaji's guidance, they left corporate life to pursue self-healing and Advait.
Under MahaAvatar Babaji's influence, YogiGuru mentors students on the path to Moksha, blending verbal transmissions, Kriya Yoga, and psychological and spiritual sciences. He emphasizes the dissolution of the mind to reach the Universal Soul.
Through profound dialogues with MahaAvatar Babaji, YogiGuru's transformation culminated in being bestowed the prefix "YogiGuru" in 2021. His crash course program integrates psychological and spiritual sciences, fostering ease, joy, and abundance while balancing professional and personal life.